Aurora Falls (Season 1)
Episodes 20
Airdate Winter 2014
Premiere Like A Virgin
Finale TBA
Season Selection Season 1

The 1st season of Aurora Falls will premire on Degrassi Wiki. The series starts off during the first half of the Fall 2013/Spring 2014 school year. This season will premiere in Winter 2014.

Main CastEdit


  • Luke Bilyk as Blake Evans, the captain of the football team who is dating Gina London
  • Chloe Rose as Gina London, A smart and nice vollyball star who is dating Blake Evans
  • Ashlee Fuss as Rain Sprout, The Popular HBIC who is the captain of the cheerleading squad
  • Nathan McLeod as Ricky Stone, a polite guy who has too much on his plate


  • Leon Thomas III as Blue Turner, a sarcastic music-virtuosso
  • Alex Steele as Krystal Zanes, a tranfer student that is a care-free hippie
  • Ricardo Hoyos as Liam Vack, a guy who loves attention
  • Caroline Sunshine as Sequoya Buttler, a smart girl looking for a challenge


  • Zendaya Coleman as Hilda Addie, a hip-hop dancer that can come off as mean
  • Bella Thorne as Piper Tackly, A nerdy girl who doesn't get boys
  • Braeden Lemasters as Ryan Zanes, a rude jock that transfered schools with his sister


  • Amandla Stenberg as Rue Addie, A saxophone player who is shunned for not being athletic
  • Maddison Pettis as Chelsea Dobson, A girl who wants to be known by everyone
  • Zachary Gordan as Chandler Evans, a guy who will do anything to be like his older brother
  • Elle Fanning as Layla Sprout, A girl who loves science that want nothing to do with her older sister

Recurring CastEdit


  • Vanessa Morgan as Gracie Winders, the second-in-command that in everyone's business (Grade 12)
  • Landon Libiron as James Steele, an artsy player who doesn't think before acting (Grade 12)
  • Skyler Samuels as Krissy Smith, the third-in-command who is the school slut (Grade 11)
  • Brennan Bailey as Noah Jackman, the classclown who wants everyone to like him (Grade 11)
  • Nathan Kress as Warren Mayfield, a smart and kind boy who doesn't do relationships (Grade 10)
  • Dylan Everett as Jake Arnold, Chelsea Dobson's best friend who's in love with her (Grade 9)
  • G. Hannelius as Lucy Tyler, a young popular girl who underestimates High School (Grade 9)


  • TBA as Franco, a gang member
  • TBA as Tony, a drug dealer


  • Jeniffer Aniston as Mrs. Dempsey, the school's principal
  • Ron Livingston as Mr. Phillips, the school's Vice principal
  • Viola Davis as Ms. Nelson, the school's secretary
  • Ryan Reynolds as Mr. Simmons, the math teacher
  • Channing Tatum as Eli Simmons, the gym teacher.
  • Emily VanCamp as Ms. Sprout, the guidence counsler and Rain and Layla's eldest sister.

Guest StarsEdit

  • TBA


  • The first ten epsiodes will feature two full episode and eight two-parters.
  • The second block will feature one parters.

Episode ListEdit

Episode # Title Airdate Prod # Series #
1 Like A Virgin January 2014 101 1
2 A Little Piece Of Heaven (1) 102 2
3 A Little Piece Of Heaven (2) 102 3
4 Because I Got High (1) 104 4
5 Because I Got High (2) 105 5
6 Until The End (1) 106 6
7 Until The End (2) 107 7
8 Pumped Up Kicks (1) 108 8
9 Pumped Up Kicks (2) 109 9
10 Stop And Stare 110 10
11-20 Block B TBA 111-120 11-20
11 111 11
12 112 12
13 113 13
14 114 14
15 115 15
16 116 16
17 117 17
18 118 18
19 119 19
20 120 20